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Hi Jamie,Yes, you're correct that's why you need to link your blog to via the JetPack puigln first, then you can link it to Klout. That said, Klout does not currently wordpress in their algorithm for determining influence, so at this time all you are able to do is link your wordpress ID to your Klout account.


normally it'd have backed up the wigdets and it'd have been fine but something MAJOR went wrong and lost all info in wigdets so had to try to get it all back by memory! not fun!!!! and well, least its done and fixed was having major cannot connect to database' errors on site last night and companies I review for were emailing and it wasn't pretty! lolbut its done and i'm back!Tara Burner recently posted..

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they may wonder what happened to SEO.SEO....SO kubi

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